Monday, January 12, 2009

Club Hopping 101

Its amazing what can happen in just a year's time. A year ago, I lost my "clubbing" virginity, and told you guys all about it. And, I remember it, just like it was yesterday.

A few weeks ago, I was looking through the various Club flyer's I had laying on one of my bedside tables, and it dawned on me. I've come such a long long long way from the club "virgin" I once was. That night, I was actually debating on where I wanted to spend my night...based on which place had the least expensive admission, the stronger/bigger/best priced drinks, etc.

I was surprised by how much my knowledge of the Club scene has expanded, in under a year. Now, I know which places, on certain nights, have which "drink specials". I've figured out where I can get more for my money. I figured out which crowds go to what places...meaning, I know where the hot guys and diverse crowds are.

Surprisingly, along the way, I've gotten "competed" drinks, discounted admission, been put on a few "VIP" list, and even gotten free porn. I like going to different places, and getting a "feel" for different environments. But, its great that, the more place I go to, the more choices I have for how I want to spend my free and single nights.

Its weird how things can change in just a year.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Cyndi Lauper: 55 Years Old, and Still Turning It!

So, I'm up at 4am (should've took my ass to sleep at 3am), watching LOGO, and what do I see? A new-ish video from Cyndi Lauper (one of my favorite artists), called "Into The Nightlife". I liked it...especially the eye candy.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!

Well, its a whole new year, and I'm back! I know its been a good minute since I've written anything. Luckily, that's something I'm working on for 2009, along with a few other things.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, so, instead of making a long long long drawn-out post, I'll just give you the abridged version:

  • I had one of the greatest Christmas's and holiday weekend's of my life...with "Heartbreaker"! Yeah, we've been back in each others lives since November. And, its not what you might think. We're both still SINGLE. We're friends. We enjoy each other's company. And, we have "fun"...which sometimes involves kissing, a little heavy petting, and maybe some skin-to-skin action. Anyway, spending the Holiday with him made me realize what an amazing guy he really is. I mean, you can really see a guys true colors when he's around his family.

  • ("Bottle Pop" - Pussycat Dolls) ShawnQt gave me some sound advice, a couple months ago, on being a "Naughty Boy"...and, I want to publicly thank him for it! He just didn't warn me about the backlash that being "naughty" could bring, from people who can't take it (LOL). By the way, when the red light comes on I transform.

  • Speaking of being naughty, I recently discovered that FAVORED lube is the shit...and can be used for multiple purposes (LOL).

  • I'm to be experimenting with the Blog. Meaning, a slight change in the format. As well as a format change.

  • ("Procrastination" - Amy Winehouse) I'm starting to realize, that procrastination is one of my biggest faults. It gets in the way of me doing so much of the stuff that I THINK about doing. I mean, THIS post was supposed to be done the night of the 1st, while I was sitting on my bed, eating pizza. Cut to me typing away, on my Sidekick, while on my way home, on the subway (LOL). Procrastination is definitely my BIG thing to work on in 2009.

There's more to come...