Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready Or Not?

"So...Are you ready for love?"

Its weird how a simple yes or no question can be so complex at the same time. Not only is it complex, its a loaded question at that. I hate loaded questions. Some loaded questions put me that mode called "your damned if you do, your damned if you don't". The guy that in currently
dating, on a casual basis, asked me the above question, last night, via a phone conversation.

He asked if I was "ready for love", and after I got on my invisible soapbox and read him the riot act for asking me such a loaded question, I said "I don't know". After that, the conversation shifted, and I once again had to pull out my soapbox to give him my half-feminist half-militant speech on how I feel about relationships in general. Basically, I told him that relationships are institutions of control, I would be damned if I ever allowed another man to have control over me, and that I like having the freedom to do what/who ever I please. I was being honest. Some days, I wish that I were in one of those "loving" relationships. But, other days, I'm glad to have my freedom as a single man in his twenties.

Once upon a time, I did honestly want to fall in "love" with the man of my dreams and have my first and maybe last boyfriend. I lived in the fairy tale delusion that if I found my "Prince Charming", that his "love" would solve all of my problems and clean up the mess known as Me. Well, the Universe bitch slapped into reality. I found him, fell in "love" with him, he broke my heart, and he ended up choosing to be with someone who's less complicated than me. I personally don't feel like going through that experience all over again. I licked my wounds, grew
up, and now I'm smart enough to know not to let it happen again. Its kind of like the verse from that Rihanna song, "Rehab", "...And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to you...Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me do you?".

Is anyone ever REALLY ready for "love"?